In June of 2013 Lashonia Thompson-El launched The W.I.R.E. (Women Involved in Reentry Efforts). The W.I.R.E. is a non-profit organization made up of a network of formerly incarcerated women who have successfully reintegrated into the community after release. The women of the W.I.R.E. provide social support to one another and to women currently incarcerated as well as women returning from incarceration.

The W.I.R.E. has visited several Correctional facilities for women that include:

  • MCI-W (Maryland Correctional Institute for Women) Jessup
  • SFF (Secure Female Facility) Hazelton
  • CTF (Correctional Treatment Facility)
  • The Fairview halfway house

In addition to providing mentoring and life skills training to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women The W.I.R.E. facilitates public forums to enlighten the community about the need for gender responsive criminal justice reform and gender specific reentry needs.

The W.I.R.E. has facilitated several family reunification activities and one of their proudest accomplishments has been assisting children with incarcerated mothers with access to visitation.

As Executive Director of the W.I.R.E. Lashonia Thompson-El is committed to investing in the leadership of returning women. She endeavors to help create a platform to enable them to shape the narrative of women in prison and women in reentry.

One of the most important goals of The W.I.R.E. is to educate the community and inform policy, services and programs that effect women and children impacted by incarceration.

Through the W.I.R.E. Lashonia is committed to helping to reduce mass incarceration in half by 2030. Through the W.I.R.E. Lashonia continues her Search for Redemption.